My name is Andrés or Shambo, whichever you prefer ...
	I have been practicing yoga for more than 30 
	years. When I began, my life was like that of many 
	people: the stress of my professional life, or better 
	said, how I managed my life at the time led me to the 
	practice of yoga as a means of achieving some tranquility. 
	My body was stiff and my physical and respiratory 
	endurance limited.  
	Over these many years, under the inspiration 
	of Nil Hahoutoff, I have practiced a Yoga of 
	Understanding based on a more conservative 
	tradition, which has allowed me to advance, 
	at my own rhythm, in the knowledge of my body.

	In the fall of 2006, I began practicing yoga 
	daily and since then it has formed a part of 
	my everyday life. This practice has given 
	my consciousness a new dimension and I have 
	experienced the incredible evolution of my 
	body and its emotional effects.
Since 2008, I have
been teaching Hatha 
Yoga. I am currently 
Anusara® Yoga 
Certified Teacher. 
I am continually 
studying and learning 
and practicing daily 
for more than 14 
Some more details about me and my personal philosophy can be found in the interview
I did with my good friend Patricia.

Curriculum : Yoga Teacher in Sitges and Barcelona. Practitioner since 1988 in the "Institutes Carlos Claramunt " under the inspiration of Nil Hahoutoff I did the Yoga Teacher with Carlos Claramunt for 3 years from 2006 to 2009 Cristina Mata and the fourth year from 2009 to 2010, including training Ayurveda dietetics. I conducted thesis, presented in 2012, on "Emotional Management through Hatha Yoga." It is the result of studies based on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for knowledge energy meridians in the physical body, its relationship to the major organs and associated emotions. Yoga Teacher by the Spanish Association of Practitioners of Yoga ( AEPY ). Intensive Seminar with John Friend Anusara BYC in summer 2011 in Barcelona. Anusara Immersion with Gisela Vazquez in 2011-2012, in Madrid, 108 hours total. Teachers in Anusara with Gisela Vazquez in 2012-2013, in Madrid, 108 hours total. Intensive Meditation with Danilo Hernandez in Tarifa, in the spring of 2013. Intensive seminar in Madrid in summer 2013 on Sridaiva with John Friend and Desi Springer. Therapeutic Yoga with Gisela Vazquez in 2013-2014. Second Anusara Immersion with Gisela Vazquez in 2014, in Castelldefels, 108 hours total. Art of Sequencing with BJ Galvan in 2017. Therapeutic Yoga with Doug Keller in 2018.

Shambo Ioga Anusara School Yoga Alliance Contact:
609 158 306