Espai Shambo is a space without limits of time, place or dimension
and it is the place where we practice Yoga. A space created through
the magic and chemistry of the very practice of Hatha Yoga.
Through the practice of Hatha Yoga you will discover hidden parts  
of the body and their union with the mind and the soul. 
 This union (Yoga) will no doubt will improve your quality of life.
Whatever your starting point, I propose we begin a journey through
Yoga, with the sole horizon, that of your own personal progression.
The ways that I offer you are Yoga classes during the week, 
or Intensive immersion at the weekend. 
It is a journey that will surely leave its mark.
Espai Shambo Ioga in Sitges. Hatha Yoga. Anusara Hatha Yoga classes also Sant Cugat and Barcelona, ​​all levels. Individual and classes at home. Yoga classes at different levels, learning to breathe, preparing the lungs and spine practice for activating the internal energy, in search of balance, flexible and toning different parts of the body to achieve physical and emotional balance through the
consciousness of the union between body and mind. Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice based on the implementation of physical postures, you 'll get the physical and emotional balance. The connection between body and emotions is also given by the activation of meridians ( according to traditional Chinese medicine) and its associated bodies, and activating and balancing the hormonal glands. Our practice follows the universal principles of Anusara alignment and correction methods, obtaining: Improved postural correction. Easier to practice and
concentracón . Improving our inner balance . Consciousness of the mind-body union. The execution of postures ( asanas ) performed coordinating breath with movement and getting a first union between mind and body. In every session there is a first preparatory part, a general activation of the internal energy awareness using specific principles associated with the session. Standing postures, openness and flexibility of the pelvis and its different tensioners, inverted postures and abdominal toning, balancing on hands or feet ,
backbends , forward extensions ( push-ups ) , twists and a final relaxation. With relaxation assured that the body and mind to assimilate the specific effects of the session.

Shambo Ioga Anusara School Yoga Alliance Contact:
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